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Childminding Services on the Gold Coast

As a courtesy to our delegates, Conference Organisers have compiled a list of independent third parties who may be available to provide babysitting/childcare services to our delegates while they attend the USANZ and ANZUNS ASM. Neither the PCO (DC Conference & Association Management) or USANZ make any representations concerning the quality, reputation, or safety of the companies appearing on this list. USANZ and the PCO advise the interested delegates to determine that the company chosen by them to provide babysitting/childcare services is accredited and/or insured.

Heaven Sent Help 


Coastal Babysitters


Abracadabra Childcare Services


Parents Room at GCCEC

A Parents Room is on the ground floor of the convention centre in Foyer B near the reception desk. Parents are provided with all the essentials to make their visit enjoyable, including a change table, kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator and comfortable seating options.